Garage Door Openers

Same Day Garage Door Repair, Walnut Creek recommends LiftMaster.

Belt drive door opener - LiftMaster

Belt drive openers

LiftMaster belt drive openers are durable and super quiet. They deliver smooth-running power and reliable performance. Belt drives are the perfect choice for homes with living space above or next to the garage. I like installing these openers because there so well designed. Customers are always amazed at how fast and quiet they open their garage door. In my twenty-plus years installing these belt drives, I have never received a complaint.

Chain drive openers - LiftMaster

Chain drive openers

LiftMaster Chain driven door openers are the most common units we install. If your budget conscious and looking for something that's still durable, LiftMaster has many models to choose from. These openers are a bit noisier because of the chain drive and require a bit more maintenance.

We prefer LiftMaster openers for Walnut Creek homes because of their durability and performance. They also come packed with all the features you will need for advanced security. Our experience with these openers is all positive. They have been proven to last better than other brands we have tried.